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Adding a second Farm to your EquiTrace account

You can add additional Farms to your EquiTrace account and switch between each farm all from within the App

If you have multiple EquiTrace farms you can add them to your app and switch between these farms all from within the app. 

To add an additional farm to the app first you will need to go to the EquiTrace App Home Screen. 

Then select the Other Features button.

Then Select Add Another Farm. 


There is a text box labelled Enter Farm Name. In this box you can enter the name of the EquiTrace farm you wish to add. It is important that the name is complete and spelled correctly.

You can then press the Validate button. 


If you are the farm owner of the additional EquiTrace farm you are adding, provided you are using the same credentials, you will have automatic access to the additional farm. 


If you are a new user to the additional EquiTrace farm, the farm owner will receive an authorisation request to allow you access. Once this authorisation have been granted you will then have access to the additional farm.