Find Horse Function

The EquiTrace Find Horse function makes it simple to locate your horse's information in the app. This article will provide guidance on this

On the EquiTrace app Home Screen you will see a button called Find Horse. 


When you select the find horse button you will see a list of all of your horses that have been stored on your EquiTrace farm. 


You can sort these list by: 

Name: which will display your horse list in alphabetical order according to horse name. 

Barn: which will group horses according to the barn they have been marked in. The list will be sorted alphabetically according to barn name. 

Dam: which will display your horse list in alphabetical order according to dam name. 

Recent: horses you have been most recently recording data for will display on this list with the most recent horse first. 


There is also a search bar at the top where the user can search for a horse by their name. 


On this Find Horse screen in the top right hand corner there is also an option to SHARE. If you select the button you will have the option to share the horse list via direct print, SMS, email PDF, email CSV and also share via other options that are available locally on your device such as What'sApp etc.


If you would like to filter your horse list further you can use the Advanced Search button. 


This will display a form where you can filter through the horses on your farm as you wish. 

For example: you can filter the list to display all yearlings by selecting 2022 in the year of birth box (given the current year is 2023) and select Search. All horses that have been recorded with a birth year of 2022 will display on this list. 


On this Advanced search you can also select to filter to horses that have been marked Off Property.

 If you wish to bring a horse previously marked off property back on to your EquiTrace farm, you can simply select Off Property and then search. The list will display all horses that have been previously marked off property on your farm. If you would like to being them back to on property simply select the horse and the horse ID screen will appear. There is a red Off Property banner display just under the horse name and when selected it will show a pop up where you can choose to mark this horse back on property by selecting yes.