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User Access levels for EquiTrace

Learn more about user access levels within the EquiTrace app

The farm owner of an EquiTrace farm has the ability to control the access level that all of the users for the farm have. There are a number of different access levels that a user may have and they are explained below: 


Full Access: Full access to all functions of the App including all historical data, ability to set up treatments and the ability to export data via email. 

Level 1: Only the last 24 hours of notes, scans and temperatures are displayed. The baseline temperature for that horse is shown. Can see the treatment diary, but not set up treatments. No data export.

Level 2: The identity of the horse, temperature and notes are displayed at the time they are taken, but not afterwards. The treatment to be given to a horse scanned is displayed, but no access to treatments diary or previous treatments. No data export. 

Limited Horse: Full access to a limited number of horses. The horses are allowed to be seen by this user are selected immediatley after this button is pressed. Select again to change horses.

View Only: Can view all data, but cannot add any information to any record. Can export data.

Reject User: This user will not have access to any data from this establishment. If they previously had access, all data will be removed from their device.  


Once a user has requested access, the farm owner will receive an authorise user notification. When the farm owner opens the EquiTrace app, the authorise user pop up will appear and continue to appear until the farm owner grants a certain level of access to this user or rejects this user. 


The farm owner can manage their users access at any time by following these steps: 

On the EquiTrace App Home Screen, select the Other Features button, then select the Manage Users button. On this screen the farm owner will see a list of current users and can adjust their access level at any time.